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It has become common knowledge across Europe that many product owners feel that they have been mis-sold Fractional Ownership (Timeshare product type) as a GET OUT, UPGRADE, PROPERTY, INVESTMENT or more commonly perpetrated as an ‘EXIT STRATEGY!’ All this is considered to be mis-selling under European Timeshare legislation.

Now, in the cold light of day, it is very clear to the masses that the sellers of such products were just trying to sell to the existing owner base something to accrue more money and profit from people that had purchased their products a long time ago. Sometimes using fear of financial burden and ‘no escape’ as the tool to trick unsuspecting owners, even when owners were becoming too old or too ill to travel and manipulating the worry of owners not wanting their families to have the burden of their management or maintenance fees ongoing. (Please note: Not all Fractional Sales have been sold in this manner and there are a number of very credible companies and products that are superb as sold as deeded assets).

Our advice is call us to see if we can help you determine which category your purchase fell into.

The harsh reality is that across Europe, Fractional Ownership has been sold to the masses to potentially hold the sick, old and weary from exiting their vacation product, in fact increasing the original vacation product liability and financial burden, thus worsening the position of the purchaser.

If this is you, contact Client Contract Services Malta Limited as soon as you can and let us see how we can have our Legal Panel help you. We have a lot of insight into the processes, the stories told and the tricks that were used to convince you. In fact, if you have bought Fractional Ownership as an EXIT STRATEGY we want to hear from you ASAP, as it is most likely that you have been MIS-SOLD.


If you have bought Fractional Ownership under some illusion that you now own an investment or Real Estate, we really do want to hear from you. If you have been sold on the concept of recouping your losses from your vacation product and saving management fees, we really do want to hear from you. We do know that Some Fractional Ownership products have been sold illegally as an ‘INVESTMENT’ by some Companies breeching the European Timeshare Directives and Laws. FYI: There are no “guarantees” with Fractional Ownership, so if you have been given them or even projections/assurances to making money back, again we want to hear from you ASAP?

If you think that a fixed term of 10, 15, 16, 19 years or any multiple really, guarantees you to get out, then think again, as if the property does not sell, your encumbrance of management fees continues and your situation worsens, meaning you are still tied into the product. In fact, a lot of companies that have an end date have sold fractions to members knowing that this would actually extend their membership indefinitely.

So Join Client Contract Services Malta Limited in our quest to work with lawyers and Solicitors who make it their business to try to right the wrongs of the many unscrupulous companies and gain redress against their tactics of trying to keep you locked into further long periods of stress, worry and hardship.

Break free and get control of your life and your finances.

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